Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baw2010: Week 4

It's been over a month since I finished Baw2010 workshop. It was a six-week course full of information, tips, activities and tasks. I'mm going to briefly relate what I did during WEEK 4.

I dare say this was the most overwhelming and productive week in terms of amount of information and creation. I downloaded two of the three virtual classrooms (Alado and Elluminated). I had already attended two live sessions at WiZiQ in 2009. I explored different features of each virtual classroom/online presentation platform (content pane, chat pane, mike and audio volume control, saving chatlog and slides). I attended the live presentation(s) on the topics of the week, Andrew’s (Alado) and Evelyn’s (WizIQ), but failed to attend Jonathan’s (ELLuminated at Learningtimes), but I could read and listen to the recording. I commented on Andy’s presentation, responded to the weekly questions posted in the discussion forum, and read and commented on reading 1. Making my voice heard, I set up accounts in two of the suggested tools: Voxopop and Voicethread. If you want to listen to my threads go to and

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