Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baw2010: Week 5

I'm back and ready to share my experience during Week 5.

During this penultimate week, we were expected to explore some of the software available for creating online surveys, worksheets and interactive exercises. I created and share 3 online exercises using Propofs (Is English a crazy language?, a multiple choice quiz). I also used HotPotatoes (an application) to create a cloze test and a quiz on an introduction of an article about Paris, and a matching exercise on proverbs I haven’t uploaded yet. I recreated “Is English a crazy language?” multiple choice quiz using MyStudiyo, but I seem to have forgotten my password, and until today I haven’t been able to recover it. Mbarek suggested Google Docs for creating spreadsheets and quizzes, but I haven’t had time to try it. I commented on the selected reading (Creating Materials Online with Free Teacher Tools by María Isabel Pérez Torres). I attended Rubena St Louis´session on "Materials Creation" and prepared a question to ask her to answer during her presentation. Later, I shared my reflections on the session on Baw Blog. I also started my wiki page at Pbworks and added two of the HotPotatoes activities I created there.
If you want to take the quizzes, I created you can go to:

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