Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baw2010: Week 6

Here's the account of my activities during the last week of the workshop: Week 6.

I completed some Week 5 tasks during this last week. Among them, I edited the “Is English a crazy language” quiz and added a third HotPotatoes quiz, which is a matching exercise. I joined in and enjoyed Rita Zeinstejer’s live. I answered the questions of the week. I read and commented on two of the Week 6 readings. I posted a Venezuelan recipe at the International Recipe Book, which you can visit at Last, but not least, I created a survey which you can take if you visit

We also had to reflect on and write a short text about our overall impressions of this 6-week workshop, what we've achieved and what we plan to do with our newly-acquired know-how. I posted my thoughts on the Final Reflections page, which you'll be able to read in my next post. I didn’t complete the final survey since it was the same I answered during the first week of the workshop.

To finish the course, I attended the BaW 2010 Graduation ceremony and shared with many friends. I commented on the fantastic work done by Teresa on the graduation page, complimented some fellow bawers and thanked each of the moderators that led us through this fantastic trip. I also participated in a poll to choose a word for the tenth candle of the graduation cake. The chosen word was Friendship. I finally thanked all the community of Baw10 for a well done job and promised to join again in 2011. You can hava a look at the graduation page at

Now, I am allowed to use the Baw badge in all the activities and articles I publish. I received a certificate too. You can have a look at the graduation page at .I will soon join the Webheads in Action and graduate as a Webhead in Action!

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