Sunday, January 17, 2010

baw2010 Week 1: Self assessment

I just finished Week 1 in the BaW workshop. This is what I did. I

  • completed the diagnostic survey

  • introduced myself to the group

  • added my profile and a photo to the participant wiki

  • added my self to the BaW map

  • got familiar with the features of the Yahoo Group and wiki

  • attended the first live session at Tapped In

  • commented on the presentation of the week

  • answered the questions of the week

  • read and commented on one of the Week 1 readings

I didn't attend the first live session at Tapped In, but I read the chats of both, tours 1 and 2. I highlighted the most important information and visited TappedIn. There, I practiced how to attach/detach the chat window, see members' profiles, visit offices and passageways. I also sent messages to two or three BaWers, congratulated moderators, coordinators and the live session guest, as well as welcome Week 2 moderators. So I give myself 85%. I enjoyed it a lot. I am sorry I didn't really devote more time, but I'm determined to improve!

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